Our Initiatives

During this period we want to acknowledge our good fortune and give back to those in need. We are currently donating 5% of our profits in three areas:
  1. National charities that are responding to the pandemic by helping distribute PPE to medical providers,
  2. Local charities (we are a Washington, DC/Baltimore based company) that are working to provide food and shelter to those most in need in our region, and
  3. Research organizations that are working round the clock to develop medicines and/or a vaccine to quell the virus in the future.

Supported Organizations

Some of the charities we are supporting are featured here. If you would like to apply for support from X-Chair please email [email protected] and we will consider your request and respond within seven (7) days. Please understand, we are a small business that wants to help but has limited resources. As such, we want to pick just a few charities each month where we feel our contribution can have an impact.


Need to know more?

Our X-Chair™ Sales Reps are available to answer your calls at 844-4XCHAIR (844-492-4247), Monday–Friday 9am - 9pm est or contact us by email at [email protected].

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