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Redefining armrest motion

360 degree Sliding Arm Pads

Independent of the Armrest you can move the Arm Pads any which way you need them too. No matter your size, these Arm Pads are designed to make your sitting experience elevated.

2 Locking Armrest Positions

The 2 most popular Armrest angles come with a locking feature to make sure you can stay in your work flow easier.

360 degree Rotating Armrests

Keep your arms and upper body supported with the dynamic ability to turn the Armrest any direction and as far as you want.

FITS X-Tech, X1, X2, X3, X4, & XG-WING

Whether you are short or tall, large or small, the FS 360 Armrests move freely and support you.

360º Arm Pad Slide & ROTATION

The Arm Pads are designed to move in any direction, allowing you to rest your arms in any fashion. Simply grab the top of the Arm Pad and swivel or slide it to your desired position.

360º Armrest rotation

The Armrests rotate a full 360 degrees. You can move the Armrest by holding the Arm Pad and rotating left or right.

Locking armrest positions

The left and right Armrests each have a locking button with 2 settings. Lock the armrests straight forward or 45 degrees to the left/right, depending on the armrest. There are locking icons on both Armrests that indicate locking positions. To engage the locking position press down on the round button in the center of the Armrest post (the arms are now locked). Press the round button again to release the Armrest.

High-Tech comFort Material

The FS 360 Arm Pads are sleekly designed with beveled edges and a smooth to the touch outer layer. Optimized for movement and comfort, these are the only armrests you'll ever want on a chair.

Standard Position

This is the most traditional armrest position with the arm pad placed at the farthest back position and aligned forward.

Height Adjustment

Easily adjust the height of each Armrest by pressing and holding the button on the side of the Armrest and pulling up or down. This allows you to customize the FS 360 Armrests to your arm height needs.

An armrest for any position

Ideated by the notion that your arms move continuously throughout the day while you work, are on the phone, lounging or sitting comfortably reading a book, our multifunctional Armrests are the key to keeping you focused during the day.